Lean & Industry 4.0

Future processes will incorporate more technology but will remain processes, what Lean has improved so far remains valid in a more technology-rich environment

  • creating value for the customer
  • maximizing value-added time
  • reducing the manufacturing cycle
  • reducing scrap
  • eliminating waste
  • reducing inventory
  • ...

Digital transformation and the industry of the future allow the anticipation and design of efficient office processes thanks to simulation tools

The focus should therefore be on Lean in design and development, i.e. integrating it from the very beginning of the project

It is usually at the very beginning of the design process that the future performance of the product and all the processes to manufacture, distribute, maintain and even recycle it are almost definitively defined.

The advent of Industry 4.0 will not change these fundamental needs but will provide technological solutions to accelerate these processes.

As these solutions are accessible to all players, differentiation can only be achieved through the competence of technical teams to use these tools to meet consumer requirements.