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Product customization, high stake for SMEs in the context of the 4th industrial revolution

A solution for your industry

The 4th industrial revolution is not only a question of mastering IT tools.

Modern industry commits to meet this requirement of unique and custom-made products, while at the same time keeping costs under control, even if production volumes remain low. Therefore, one of the challenges of this 4th industrial revolution is to succeed in linking the customer needs to the production system.

Industrial engineering

Design, improvement and implementation of integrated systems

Industrial production

Set up and optimize automated production systems

Industrial services

The 4th révolution industrielle n’est pas uniquement une question de maîtrise des outils informatiques

    • It is about adapting the company strategy to new technologies. 
    • Guidelines are defined by top management and then priorities are set and projects are deployed. 
    • It is at this stage that companies need to be guided in implementing their transformation project

An approach in 4 key steps

  • ANALYSE your needs and processes in order to better understand the challenges
  • ASSESS opportunities for process optimization

  • DEFINE efficiently the priorities identified during the audit (reduction of costs, of production times, …)
  • PLAN the actions to be taken

  • PROPOSE functional technical solutions
  • CHOOSE the solutions suitable to your budget and requirements

  • VALIDATE feasibility by conducting tests
  • GUIDE the implementation of solutions